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    About 1 month ago i have created a Instagram page. I decided that the best approach for me, taking into account my time, was to do a manual growth of the account.

    Everything was better than i hoped. In 2 weeks i have gained around 2k followers, my pictures were getting 300-400 likes. I was posting once a day. People would comment and tag other friends.

    In the third week everything went tumbling down. My reach was getting very low (100-200 likes), i couldn't gain more than 10-20 followers per day, where-as before i would get around 100-200 followers per day. Because of the above i decided that i should buy a shoutout, so i did. The guy that provided the shutout had a decent reach (40k followers with 1k-1.5k likes per picture). He got me to 2100 followers in a few hours. He shouted me out for 2 more days. In this time i started posting 2 or 3 times a day. Even though i couldn't pass that 2100 i was feeling optimistic because my likes started raising again.

    Things were getting better and better until today. I woke up and i had 2100. I checked Instagram again, did some liking and put the phone down. 5 minutes later i checked my followers, 2020. (from 2100 5 minuted ago). I don't understand what the heck is going on with my account. I haven't done anything spammy, i never used bots nor fake followers.

    My question are: Have you ever encountered a situation like this one? If so, how did you overcome it?
    Is there any site or person who provides REAL followers? The only person that was approved on BHW for selling real Instagram followers won't answer on Skype.