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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by djmarik, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Dec 19, 2014
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    I've read through MANY threads before posting this, so hoping to make my question unique. I have an account that is several years old with about 100 pictures. I'm trying to grow my followers through 'conservative' Liking. (currently 325 followers).

    My current settings are running from about 8am to 12am:
    Master Delay: 358s (arbitrary random number)
    Delay After: 36
    40 likes per keyword (5-10 keywords that I'm rotating every couple days or so)
    Ran1: 32 (or somewhere close to that)
    Ran2: 55 (or somewhere close to that)

    I'm seeing about 1 like on average 30-60s or about 50/hr which is resulting in about 5-8 followers added per day. Understanding that my current follower count is low, is 8 about what I should expect at this point? I think I have very quality content relative to the tags I am liking. Or...wondering if I should amp up my liking to around 80-100/hr for 10hrs (no more than 1000-1500/day).

    In addition to that automated Liking, I manually browse those likes and comment on ones I actually do like. It seems any manual liking or commenting results in FAR more followers than the automated.

    Any thoughts?