Instagram Kills Off Feed Reading Apps

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    Instagram Kills Off Feed Reading Apps

    Only a tiny fraction of Instagram feed reading happens in third-party apps, so Instagram is shutting down its feed API to make feature development nimbler and create a more consistent user experience. The move is part a big cleanup of the Instagram platform. It involves listing exactly what?s allowed with its APIs, an app permission review process that makes Instagram a gated platform, and a new developer testing sandbox.

    Going forward, Instagram?s platform will only permit photo editing apps and ones like Tinder that let you pull in your own Instagrams (but not your feed), brand and ad management apps, and tools for media and broadcasters. Existing apps will need to comply by June 1st, 2016, and the policies and reviews will go into effect for new apps starting December 3rd, 2015.

    The changes will hit developers of Instagram clients hardest, especially those for platforms Instagram doesn?t natively support like iPad and desktop. Apps that will have to change by June 1st include Retro, Flow, Padgram, and Pictacular for iPad, and Webbygram, Webstagram, Instagreat, and Itsdagram for desktop. The new policy will also strike down any service offering auto-following, -liking, or -commenting.

    To make testing for its platform easier, Instagram will launch a new Sandbox development environment where developers can experiment with full API access for up to 10 testers.

    Here?s the timeline of how all these changes will all go down:

    * Today: Instagram ceases to allow new apps on its platform
    * December 3, 2015: Instagram opens submissions of new apps to its mandatory app permissions review process that only permits apps in the approved categories
    * June 1st, 2016: All existing apps must comply with new policies and have gone through the app permissions review process

    The changes follow other platform policy enforcements from Instagram, including a crack down on apps using ?Insta? or ?Gram? in their name.

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    Instagram Platform Update
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    "will also strike down any service offering auto-following, -liking, or -commenting."

    Lol we will see about this