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Instagram Influencers Network

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by lefinity, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. lefinity

    lefinity Newbie

    Dec 3, 2016
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    Travelling around the world
    Firstly I have no idea whether I'm posting in the right place or not, I'm pretty new here! If it's a wrong place to post then, please point me where it needs to go instead!

    I've been working in social for some time now, but more on the client side. The influencer engagement and marketing becoming more and more demanded service day by day. I'm interested in building a go to network of influencers whom we can work with on a regular basis. The way it would work, we create a group with selected users, and I will post gigs as and when we have them. What I want to create is mass effect for our campaigns, so we'd give a direction and creatives, and the influencers distribute. Not interested in off one shoutouts, looking to build more authentic brand/influencer relationships with you guys.

    We are interested in the following areas: travel, lifestyle, careers, fashion and finance (if you exist)
    Countries: UK, Europe & Russia.

    Only looking for clean, aged and authentic accounts!

    Anyone interested? If so DM me or contact me on telegram @lefinity