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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Pulse77, Apr 20, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    Yesterday an interesting thing happened.

    At about 9am yesterday I was blocked from following new users, my fault, I followed and unfollowed to many people. But not to worry, I was still able to post and like and comment. Then later the day I started to see a drop in my likes I get when posting new images.

    After a bit of investigation, I saw that as soon as I post the image, if I click on one of the tags used, I would show up in the latest images in the search, but a few seconds later it would be removed from the search. I could see some likes, but more natural likes from people following me, not from new people. Last night I was able to follow people again, but the tags would still not come up in the search. However when I tried again this morning, likes was back in full swing. So I have 3 theories:

    Theory 1:
    I posted too many images and all my tags that I was using was being blocked.

    Theory 2:
    I copy and paste most of my tags, so if I post a new image, I would use 2 or 3 custom tags related to the image, and then alternate between 3 sets of tags I have. Could I have been removed from search because I was using duplicate tags the whole time?

    Theory 3:
    Could I have been blocked from search, because my follower block? Maybe they were just delayed and not directly connected in time?

    What do you guys think? All is fine now, but would like to steer clear of the traps.