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Instagram Group Cross Promoting Illumination

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by PrexThis, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. PrexThis

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    Nov 23, 2012
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    Hello BlackHat Community hope your all having a good day :)

    Im creating a group called "Immulation" in a broad way this is a description of what we do. We will make a kik groupchat where we can Cross promote, Make Friends, Grow your acccount, Make money and more.

    This is for instagram accounts with more then 7k followers, (exceptions are always made, and not everyone will be accepted)

    and kik: Fp_Daily

    Sorry this is such a small post for a big topic, i will come back when i have more time and edit it, im working on immulation :)

    If you wanna read more on this here is a copy/paste of the post on Immulation instagram:

    Hello guys! Hope your all having a good day :) and are interested in Illumination. In a broad way here is a summary about us: This group is built around getting a Bigger audience, Improving the quality of pictures, Making friends, Collaberating and for some users Making Money, and more. We will communicate in kik in a small groupchats.

    This group is built around having all members being active and putting their input in, so **limited people can be in**. We will be expanding and making a website soon.

    Must have atleast 7k followers and an active followers (exceptions are always made, and just having 7k followers and some likes wont get you in)

    For any questions leave a comment below.

    If interested kik fp_daily