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Instagram General Advices

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by karalis1, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. karalis1

    karalis1 Newbie

    Apr 23, 2016
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    Rome, Italy
    Hey there, i just came across to this forum searching about some instagram information to make money with accounts, I was really interested to learn some SEO and i think this forum could be perfect to start. I'm not a beginner at all but i need your help to understand something mnew to get started correctly

    • Currently I'm using a bot (Instagress) on my main account (my personal one) and i got 2k followers in about 3 months, which is quite a good result even if I expected more
    • I'm going to start 4 new accounts in June (Because now i don't have much time to spend on it) about 4 different niches (1 Gaming, 2 EDM Music, 3 Motivation Quotes, 4 Test Account)

    That's some questions I have

    1. What proxies are? what benefits they give me?
    2. Do I need to use VPNs to run several accounts at the same time?
    3. Which bot is better...Instagress, FollowLiker or MassPlanner?
    4. Can you link me some useful guides, in this forum, i should read to improve my knowledge (some tips to optimize the bot, a guide to reach 10k followers or something like that) ?
    5. What do you personally recommend to me for my future instagram's journey?

    Thank you in advance to help me :)
  2. CrazyeyeZ

    CrazyeyeZ Registered Member

    Apr 17, 2016
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    Hi, I have also started experimenting with Instagram, currently in the home decor niche, although this is not the niche I want to build a money account for.

    I am using Massplanner in limited amounts of time to grow the account. I am trying a different way to grow the account, and it is working so far. Rather than smash through daily follows at a higher rate, I am setting MP to follow at a low rate, and am concentrating on interacting with, and commenting back to comments left for me by users.

    It is working well so far, i'm on 60 followers and following 259 with 69 photo likes and 4 direct comments. The time I take to interact with the people following me, coupled with extremely high quality photos I am posting (3 a day), is keeping the account growing steadily, albeit slowly, but most importantly keeping the engagement rate up.

    That's my tip, but of course time is the sacrifice, it is slow. If you have time, this so far seems to be working very well.

    I will experiment with increasing the follow rate and navigate the best way to grow the account whilst maintaining quality, this is the holy grail for IG I feel.

    Nothing ground breaking here I know, but at least its some information to digest! I hope it helps a bit.


  3. hadzid

    hadzid Regular Member

    Oct 30, 2013
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    1. Proxies are servers that tunnel your connection throught them. For example you want to reach ig.com with prx and it happens like this: pc->proxy server->instagram.com. That way IG sees IP of the proxy server so you can avoid bans for running too many accounts on one IP.

    2. Never used vpn, proxies do their job well

    3. Followliker is ok up to 400 accs, later it started crashing for me, never used massplanner though - can't say nothing about it.

    4. Use the search please, there are many popular threads with bot settings/other IG discussions.

    5. Never fully rely on the information of others, do everything yourself and make conclusions that way - I saw different people being successful with different tricks on IG, despite the fact that half of those tricks were said to be not working. Just test everything and never give up. That way you'll succeed for sure
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  4. HoNeYBiRD

    HoNeYBiRD Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    May 1, 2009
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    Geographer, Tourism Manager
    I'm not sure what settings were you using with Instagress and without trying to mock you, but i don't think that getting 2k followers in 3 months on ig is a good result, actually i think it's pretty bad, especially considering the fact, that ig has the highest engagement out of all social networks.

    When i last did ig seriously, i averaged that many followers daily per account and i used 50 new accs every day, so i averaged 100k new followers every day. A lot of things have changed since then, but 2k in 3 months is still pretty bad. :)

    Without going into technical details too deeply, proxies are needed when you want to use multiple ig accs to hide your real ip address. There are different opinions how many accs are safe on the same proxy. One acc is the most safest of course, i personally wouldn't use more than 2 or 3 on the same proxy, especially if you're thinking in long term and want to build authority accs. You mentioned that you want to use 4 accs and i guess the one you're already using. I assume you didn't use any proxies so far, so the one what you already have can be used with your own ip and the 4 others with one proxy each. With most providers proxy packages usually start with 10 private proxies or even more, so more than likely you'll either need to get a special package or order the smallest possible.
    If you visit the proxies for sale section of the forum, you'll be able to find providers, just make sure, that the proxies you're about to order are good for ig.

    Proxies are better than VPNs for this purpose in my opinion, with proxies you can tie one proxy to an account and use it with it for the time being, the rest of your internet traffic won't be affected this way. Whereas if you use a VPN, it encrypts and slows down the whole connection (although paid VPNs are pretty fast), which is not needed or it can even be dangerous, if you forget to turn it off and log in to your PayPal for instance, you can get limited. Or just fuck it up once and log into the wrong account with the wrong VPN. :)

    Out of those bots i only used FL, so i cannot really compare them. Every bot has its believers and some people use more than one.
    All of those bots have a sales page with a short description of their features, so you can decide for yourself which can be the best for your purpose.
    FL guide: http://imristo.com/the-ultimate-followliker-instagram-tutorial/
    http://www.followliker.com/tutorial/v2/index.html (It's only available after you purchased the software and get your username and password.)
    MP guide: http://imristo.com/the-ultimate-mass-planner-instagram-tutorial/

    Besides those you'll find many threads with discussions, safe settings on BHW. The instagram section is very active.

    Also don't forget about the Journeys section, where you can find many successful and not so successful instagram journeys. You can learn a lot from those.

    And lastly, i know that the info available on the forum can be overwhelming at first and it's pretty hard to weed out the good info, plus BHW search won't always give you the best results, in that case you can use Google and search operators like this:
    site:blackhatworld.com intitle:yourkeyword
    site:blackhatworld.com "yourkeyword"
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  5. karalis1

    karalis1 Newbie

    Apr 23, 2016
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    Rome, Italy
    Thanks to all the people who replied :D

    Currently my settings with instagress are: 480 follows per day or 480 unfollows per day, 720-960 likes per day with good settings to engage with people; i used to follow till the limit and then unfollow, but now i swtiched method because, in my opinion, i could get more followers having less than 1500 following people, so this way people don't think im spamming my account.
    My instagress package will expire on june so I'm thinking about switching to FollowLiker since I read very good reviews on this forum about it.
    My actual goal is to reach 10k on my main account by the end of the year and 30k on the other accounts i will create in June by the end of 2018, I also want to make some money with these future accounts, so my future first goal with money will be to earn about 100euros/week

    Still some questions:
    1) generally, with FollowLiker running on normal-hard/aggressive mode, how long does it take to reach 10k posting 1/2 pics a day?
    2) Do you have some Follow / Unfollows cicle tips?
    3) generally, how many followers are "required" to earn 100euros/week with about 5 accounts running at the same time?