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    Hi, and well I decided to make a little tutorial on how to get more without any Hacks/Cheats/Following others.

    1. Upload the best photos! ex (Nature, ocean, traveling experiences, food, etc.)

    2. Look at what's on the popular page and find out how you take those type of pics somehow to get people to follow you for that. (people love nature and pics of foreign places!)

    3. Use hashtags!!! especially the popular ones! A really cool program is TagsforLikes, available on the Apple and Android market!!! Very useful

    4. You can follow big names Like Lebron, Kevin Durant, Tyler the Creator and interact with them on every one of their pictures with positive feedback and get a couple of followers just for posting nice comments.

    5. Geotag your photos, I would only do this if you visit a place that is not so familiar with you...Like if you have lived in Texas your entire life, and you go up to Chicago to visit family, take some interesting photos up there and GeoTag them!!

    and Finally....


    If you do not like any of these suggestions you can always buy followers which I think is a waste of money or visit the Freebies/Giveaways section on the forum and check out if there is anything that catches your attention!

    -Cheers! DRock21