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Should i Drop this niche? ;\

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    Alright guys i've been growing an instagram account for some time now. I've got multiple accounts in different niche's with all 20k+ followers. I've hit a roadblocks on one of my niche's "Make Money Online" niche. Thing is i want to promote how to start a successful instagram business.
    Now i've seen a ton of accounts that promote it and it leads to an email submit, followed by a eBook being sent to them. Guys i've researched almost everywhere. I now come to bhw in search of your assistance :( Please send some help.
    I have real instagram stories of counting thousands in cash on a money counting machine, i post quotes etc and show a luxury life. I need to start converting all this into revenue. Goal from this account
    Show off wealth -> Promote How to get wealthy on Instagram -> Receive Income