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Instagram AutAutomatically Removed Post

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by laidbackfella, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. laidbackfella

    laidbackfella Newbie

    Oct 23, 2014
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    Today I made a post to Instagram of a flyer that I've posted multiple times before. Once I clicked the Check to upload it to my profile, the screen flashed and it removed that picture along with the previous posts using the same photo.

    My questions are:

    1) Have you had this happen to you before?

    2) Were you ever able to repost that particular flyer again?

    3) Did you get a warning message? (I did not)
  2. erickishere

    erickishere Elite Member

    Nov 27, 2012
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    Have you tried testing it with another upload of a different picture? See what happens, I would just try it with a different picture and try to upload the flyer again maybe it would work. Personally this never happened to me before