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Oct 23, 2009
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OK.. I admit. I've been fairly lazy about looking up my articles to see which ones I can link inside my AC articles. Reading the $30 thread, I now see this important for higher upfronts.

So.. my questions.. LOL

[1] How many links is a good number inside the articles?

[2] Should you ONLY place a link attached to the keyword phrase? For example, if my article is on Latex Balloon Safety.. would I only link latex balloon or could I link like party decoration and so forth?

[3] Should the links ONLY go to AC articles that are relevant to my keyword? For example, could I link inside my article on latex balloons to an article about decorating your bathroom or an article about yoga benefits?
Who says you have to stick to the rules? Link to anything, but make it a part of your story! How does the following look to you?

"Shawnde11ah is more than an accomplished writer! Her article on Bathroom Decorations & Tinted Glass! last month was so much liked by our Fiirst Lady, she got the best in the business to build her one. We have heard over the media grapevines that other Fiirst Ladies from all over the world are rushing to Washiington just to have a few moments inside! No wonder she (not the FL, silly) has no time now! But she still managed to write another bestseller on The Safety Of The Sensual Latex Balloon -- Fit It, Forget It! (I must read that one!) and yet another on Tao Yoga Technique Just Tossed Viag*ra Out Of The Window -- Forever! We have just heard that the Chiinese Premier is coming to town next week!"

Happy Linking! :)

P.S.: The additions of some characters are intentional!
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1) With the testing I did, it ends up looking too spammy if you add more than 3-4 per article. I've had AC come back and say the article is "too promotional" with more than 4 links. Lol...go figure ;)

2) You can link any word you want as long as it's pointing to something relevant to what your article topic is based on.

3) It's better not to, again, AC can reject it for being too promotional. Try to keep your linking as relevant as possible.

An example:

Topic: Oriental Designer Lampshades - Try to keep your linking related to "lighting fixtures" rather than "home improvement" or "home decor" in general. The more closely related the better.

Hope this helped
go figure hunh? LOL I'll keep it down then on how many i put in there.. actually will save a little time doing fewer of them .. thanks for the help!
You're welcome,

Btw, if you're using Danny's Mass Submitter you'll want to add this code into the formatter for each word you want to hyperlink:

<a href="valid web address">The text or image you wish to display as a hyperlink goes here.</a>
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