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    First Post, with a <datetimestamp> Herpen? <Make this "something special">
    Okay so someone is taking control of my keyboard away from me, and it had better stop or something bad will happen to them IRL.

    I leave you all to figure out the rest of the structure, and I'll be back within 2 hours to review the responses to this thread.

    I will pick one <yes it's a contest> <and no, there is no tangible reward> post and then declare it to be "The Winner" and then we will talk about that, maybe.

    Whatever. Make of it what you will. I can only give you so much, and don't presume to know more than me or I will publically embarrass you and make you my IRL bitch. People will refer to you as "GoiterMan's Bitch" or something.

    Well masked, eh?

    VPN is on, so have fun.

    Here's your first clue:


    The word "asset" was at position #5 then. Let's see if it goes up or down.

    Back in 2 hours.
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    It's a test marketing exercise.

    The word is:

    "tangible assets"


    1) "assets" must be plural

    There might be more, IDK.

    This is an exercise testing the effect of artificially introducing the use of a particular word into the vernacular, or the "culture" if you will. I'm saying these two words to everyone I know, and I want to see what happens. If it can be measurable, I guess.

    Like one idea I have is that "talking up" this word might change Google search results. Or maybe (on another plane), someone hears the phrase "tangible assets" and thinks of this thread, when they might have thought of something else, or nothing at all.

    Maybe search traffic will increase and some of it will land on this page. That would be cool. Maybe this page will get some PR. That would be even cooler.

    Or maybe this is one of those "fail" moments. I'm not afraid to try. It's who I am, it's what I do and it's why I can make someone an awful lot of money.

    Next post I'm going to report this thread's rank in a kw search of "tangible assets", if/when it gets indexed.

    - About 4,750,000 results (0.18 seconds)
    This is at the bottom of page #1 on my US ISP.

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