inputs required ( for project with multiple Goals, LIST-BUILD,CONTENT RANKING)

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    whatz up guys...

    i have come up with the simple diagram for my project.


    LEVEL1 - aweber opt-in list that i am trying to build. This list i am going to use
    to sell one of my online products to.

    LEVEL2 - this level has the opt-in page or landing page. Here i am thinking
    having couple of landing pages with a URL rotator.

    LEVEL3 - Here i am going to create 10 blogspot content sites. All these sites
    under single google account ( just to keep the management simple)
    These site are not interlinked.
    The content on this site is rewritten content.
    Backlinking process is slow and WH. The usual, Articles
    Yahoo answers, scribd, youTube Vidoes , esnips and later some
    commenting & trackback.

    I am planning to keep these 10 sites as normal as possible to look
    natural and rank for the long tail keywords.

    LEVEL4- here the aggressive link building starts. Each content site from
    LEVEL 3 is going to have a linkwheel associated with it. And the
    Main page of the link wheel will pass the link juice to Content site.

    LEVEL 5 - I am planning to build all these link wheels from different sources
    here in BHW to keep the foot prints to the minimal. then buy some
    xrumer,senuke blasts.

    Now there are couple of questions ?

    1) first of all, is it worth trying ?My main aim is to build the list. Then sell the product to the list.

    2) more importantly , i am planning to track all the URLs and Keywords for entire project with GA+tracking202. Can anyone suggest an effective way to do it ?

    Thanks a lot.