Innocent (kinda)... but found guilty. A warning.

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    Hey all. I'm fairly new to BHW but thought I'd share something that happened to me as a warning to those who might be interested.

    Now I'm no newbie and I make a good living online, but this bit me in the butt and I never even saw it coming.

    Here's the deal...
    I've been promoting an offer for about 2 months now and I'm killing it. The offer allows banner & email advertising. It doesn't allow any paid advertising and you certainly can't use PPC and their copyrighted terms to promote.

    That's all good... as I've been driving CPV traffic to my site and using some Blackhat methods to cloak what I'm doing and clean the traffic so all looks good... or so I thought.

    A couple of weeks ago I get an email telling me I've been booted from the program because of a report provided by a 3rd party service provider that says my site has been generating traffic using copyrighted keywords.

    Well, I decide to look into this and check out my site using & Google Ad Planner and low and behold... they both report that my site is using copyrighted keywords for traffic.

    Yikes... busted!!!

    But it's not that simple because in truth, I'm not actually using the keywords that these sites are reporting that I'm using. In actuality I'm using variations of these keywords that still get decent traffic but that shouldn't get me busted if the offer owner went trolling.

    Anyway... I'm left out of pocket and scratching my head as to what happened here.

    So a word of caution and a question...
    You may be covering yourself 99% of the way with Blackhat methods but you may need to check what the various spy tools have to say about you as it's a simple matter for anyone to use even the free versions of these tools to see how you're getting traffic.

    Question... Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know of a way to protect yourself from these spy sites?

    Cheers & best of luck with your campaigns!