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    The trust website (sum PageRank) 75% depends on traffic. But the traffic need only the target. There is still a dynamic multiplier coefficient. If traffic growth is a positive trend for the period between updates, the difference in percentage becomes a factor to the trust website.
    The search engine algorithm follows the principles of social real principles of the society:
    If you have the money, you are respected. But if you have capital gains, you dear man * 10.
    So if you want to quickly build the trust website, use contextual advertising increasing every month budget. In this case you can start with very little money. Most importantly, to provide a large multiplying factor.
    And again, the trust website can be compared with the battery charging process. This "charge" has a tendency to stay some time without recharging.
    Other factors of the trust account for only the remaining 25%
    What does the trust website?
    First and foremost, it affects the number of keywords that the algorithm sees in the texts.
    If trust is not enough, in the text, such as 2000 symbols, the search engine will see only 10 keywords, and if a lot of 100.