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information about the links from smm

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by tar729, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. tar729

    tar729 Registered Member

    Jun 27, 2016
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    As you know, links are the weight.
    It depends on the CTR of an anchor and the intersection of page relevantnoise between the donor and the acceptor page, for the group of related keywords.
    However, this only applies to links from ordinary sites. The weight of links from social networks and forums works perfectly on a different principle.
    The search engine evaluates the rank of the owner of the post. Calculates how much his interests with what he recommends turning the person the link.
    In addition, we compute the authority of the owner of the post in this intent. He is a leader of opinion or not in this area. If you ordered the posting is not of the opinion leader in this segment of interests, the impact of this links on the ranking of your website in search engine will be close to zero.
    So it makes no sense to use cheap smm. The benefit of that would be ~ the same as the benefit from irrelevant links.