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    I haven't successfully finished reading the entire forum on money-making, but here's the most of it. So now I'm going to save your time on searching and do some myth-busting.

    1. There are valuable "get-rich-quick" schemes here
    Short answer is no. Whether you're choosing IM, SEO, Flipping, MLM, salesmanship whatever, these all are just like going to school. Just like handwriting looks like rocket science when you're 3, you grow older, you do it more often, you get better, but for a newbie you need experience

    2. I just need to sit back and watch someone that I can easily copy his strategy

    3. There are step-by-step "how to make money out of nothing" tutorials here
    No. Every single WSO, tutorial or guide requires a bit of something from you, whether is it start investment or learning to use tools. Even in the JVs, you can't mechanically apply a fixed set of instructions and expect high payouts. All JVs require you to have something to contribute in with

    4. I just need to X the Y, and I'm rich
    Every strategy has its own ins and outs, some of them are complex, other are easier and riskier. And even in the more complex ones, like when you're doing MFAs, you still need fail safes, and basic things like monitoring can turn into a heavy process (do that, click that, log out, search proxy, change ip, log in, recover password, log into e-mail, log into account, verify, logout, change ip back etc).

    5. Maybe the problem is me, I just need to start thinking like a black-hatter
    There's nothing wrong with you, you're perfectly fine. We all look for wealth and so should we.

    6. But who goes to uni is a sucker, I'll get rich and quit school
    This is science fiction but I will tell you. You should know that wealth does not add to your personal value as an individual. When you turn 26 and realize no woman to love, no intention to have kids, bitches and drunk-tards all over will you still think it's better than being an engineer? I mean even the best PUAs teach you to have a heart and when it's time to listen to your heart, you better god-damn listen to it.

    7. BHW will tell me what to do exactly if I ask nicely
    No they won't. Small hints they'll do, but you're on your own pal. And you should Google everything, just to be extra-certain. Try to create a strategy for yourself, but don't share it here. Just ask questions about some various tasks, don't ask for spoon feeding. You can also try in Google:
    site:blackhatworld.com how to ...
    But remember, you're all alone in the cold out there, BHW won't even give you a blanket. If you fuck up, you're done. Don't fuck up.

    8. Shittiest PM box, only 100 posts, no avatar
    PM cap will decrease, you'll get 500 and even more if you actually participate in the community. Same for avatar.

    9. No, you're all just a bunch of selfish sociopaths
    Well, in the case we get to that, here's my story. I left my full-time over 4 months ago because I make well enough as a part-time freelancer. But I did it more so that I can read this forum 5-6 hours a day uninterrupted. In all this time, from the past 4 months up until now there has been no day that I will sit in front of this computer and laugh because someone said who knows what and it's fucking five-star hilarious :D (like that thread with BH method of getting pussy xD jesus christ man).

    Anyway... Some if not all of these info IS ALREADY POSTED here but if you don't believe it fine. Do it your own way and waste weeks and months, you'll get back here eventually, sooner or later you realize you could've taken a different approach right from the start.

    Cheers and a toast for the newbies, they are our future.
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    Wow man just amazing answer'ed all my questions i had and Some good advice in here , thank you for making this I read the whole thing because it caught my attenion .
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    You can never guess!
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    Nice post OP - the key for newbies is to read, test and use the "SEARCH" button on this site...everything will come in time