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    Ok Guys, go easy on me...first time posting here. I've taken a lot of good ideas from this forum so it's time I give one back...

    This tactic possibly should be posted in the offline advertising section, but technically it's both offline an online, so here goes...

    I've been wanting to advertise on the face of dollar bills for a long time, but was always told it was against Federal Law to 'deface' a currency note...I guess I'm just not 'that' Black hat.

    Then I read an article about this firm GoGorilla Media that found a way around it. What they did was affix a removable sticker to the face of the bills...they happened to be promoting new TV shows for some rather well known TV Networks.

    So the deal is that the Secret Service (who monitors such things) has no problem with you or I putting our advertising message smack dab on the face of as many dollar bills as we can get our hands on so long as it does no permanent harm to the makes it so it can't be read in a coke machine etc.

    So, fill in the blanks here guys. Maybe a sticker that says Do you know "The Dollar Bill Trick?"...Millions are being made by people like you at

    Could be a cpa offer, or you could even be an old school NWM guy who actually calls the people back. Or you could advertise widgets to midgets, use your imagination.

    At the end of the day, your ads are gonna pass through a lot of hands on average.

    Now that I've got you thinking about the potential let me bring you back down to earth. How do you get A LOT of bills in circulation quick and easy without being a member of the mafia (and if you are, please forgive me and let me in on the tricks of the trade).

    I thought of taking my stack of ad laden bills around to all the laundry mats, and car washes I could handle, turning them into quarters, rolling the quarters up, cashing them in then rinse and repeat...

    But like most marketers I'm lazy at heart.

    Ideas anyone?

    Hope this tickles a few taste buds. If not, well it IS my first post.
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    Actually I think that is a pretty great idea... if I saw a sticker on a bill I got I would definitely check it out...