Industrial Era vs Cyber Era Observations

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    Let me know your thoughts on the below. I was just thinking aloud today and came to the below realization.

    During the 1800's as the industrial period was born, new inventions, technology, and markets were created. Many people became rich, many jobs were created, and this trend continued up until several decades ago when it really slowed down.

    Just think about it.

    During the Industrial Period - Oil discovered, cars invented, Pony Express, Trains built, big corporations created (Ford, GM, Benz etc), sports teams were born, airplanes built, medical advancements discovered, franchises created and branded (McDonalds, Subway, Walmart), etc.....

    Now in the Cyber Age - We had Netscape Navigator, Net Zero (when it was free), Lycos, email, AOL Online, Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, BHW, etc....

    We are in the beginning stages of this Cyber Age where there is more room for growth, improvement, and opportunity. Just like the industrial age had Rockefeller, Walton, Kroc etc, I believe we are fortunate to be alive now in this age where we can still create something great and wonderful. There is more chance for success than ever before because the internet is exponentially a huge marketplace. Think about it, with smartphones and iPads and stuff, the internet is accessible anywhere. Look at group of people talking, do they talk to each other or do they play with their phones? Most of the time, they play with the phone.

    So my observations are that there is so much room for growth I believe that each and everyone of us who are benefiting or seeking to benefit from the internet, can easily do so because all it takes is a small investment or a just one small idea. Anybody know can gain a decent income from the internet in some shape or form. You just have to go with what you will enjoy doing.

    Wondering what everyone's thought are? :smirk: