INDONESIA traffic how to monetize it?


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May 8, 2010
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i recently published my website its 1 week old now and im getting lots of traffic from indonesia i have 6-7k unique visits a day and 60-120 online most of the time 20-50 online are from indonesia.. what should i do? since the product im promoting is not available in indonesia.. is there an alternative way to monetize for indonesia country?
you mean adsend media? i tried it but they have no offer in indonesia :(
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He said..

A D S E N S E... You know Google? ;)
Hehe. ;)

Alot of people think that Adsense is Adscend ... ;)
yeah i just googled sorry im new in internet marketing :) i registered on the site and needs approval, thanks for the suggestion
adsense is useless without english contents, it will show PSA.
Yeah, no CPA offers and Low adsense CPC,

so i think that the best thing that you could do is track ur traffic by city and go local!

it got to be some serious people who wanna invest in advertising their business in some areas of Indonesia ...
nice traffic you got. btw indonesia has 240 million people. jual aja coy tuh web
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Really hard to monetize that kind of traffic...Adsense is useless here
adsense from Indonesia traffic will crush your CPC, trust me, coz i'm from there :D
Ringtone offers are worldwide from the network that starts with cpa and ends with lead and you get accepted ASAP
For Indonesian folks, I suggest you promote goods that very cheap because they are miser.
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