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    One exclusive feature of BlogSense-WP has been a special section called IndexSpy which provided a rapid way to to see which pages are indexed by Google and which were unindexed.
    With some work, IndexSpy is now ready and available as a free standalone plugin:

    More about Index Spy:
    IndexSpy automatically looks for an xml sitemap that will have been previously generated by the wordpress plugin XML Sitemap Generator, it then will parse the data it found, and run the special queries to determine the index status. Once a report is built the user can use the data for further promotions, as well as use the list with programs like Scrapebox to or IM Rapid Tools to help index the unindexed pages on the fly.
    IndexSpy even takes it just a little bit further by allows you to select unindexed pages and create unique rss feeds with only those selected Items
    Hope you guys enjoy!