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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by deah1979, Sep 13, 2011.

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    I know this has been covered over and over. But no matter how much i search the forums and other forums I cant find a solution that satisfies me.

    Basicly I have a few sites

    Site 1 = pr2, google only shows 1 backlink for this, and so does traffi travis and all the others I've tried

    site 2 = pr 1, google shows 0, as does all other softwares I've tries.

    Sites 3 and 4 = pr 0, I have been backlinkg these carefully and they are climbing up the pages, however google shows 0 as does the various softwares.

    I have been backlinking these sites and pinging most links since july.

    Why am I not able to see if google has indexed them. I cant find on any software. Yahoo happily indexes them and shows them.

    The main software I have used to track them is google, traffictravis, and also fire fox with seo plugins.

    I really want to get my head round this as I have bought a few pretty decent pr 4 - 6 links, only on blogrolls but it still counts. But I want to see that google has indexed them.

    Any advice is good advice for a paranoid newbie
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    I usually searched like this in google


    It gives me exact number how many link indexed so far.
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    Google purposely does not show most of your links. The reason they give for this is so your competition can not see all your links. I also believe they do this to make it harder for you to see exactly why you are ranking as well. Think about it, if you are not sure exactly what links they are counting it makes it much harder to backwards engineer how they are ranking your sites.

    The best way I have found is to use either a unique username or phrase somewhere in your content when building links. Use one that gets either no or very few results when you do a exact phrase search (in quotes). Then you can do a search for that phrase a few days after you build your links to see if they have been indexed. If they show up then Google has found them, if not then you know they are not yet being counted.

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    Get indexing service like backlinkindexer or nuclearlinkcrawler(this one is free), it can help you out in this respect.