Independent Record Label Looking for Social Network Expert/Bot Coder

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    Hello, I run a small indie label. I need a bit of help getting my social media up for my bands and the label. I have learned much from this website about the DOs and DON'Ts of social network marketing. Tested a million things, paid for buys, likes, reviews/etc. My experience is that some methods work well, some don't. I am definetely not interested in shortcuts that DONT WORK. i.e. A Youtube bot that gets me 15000 fake views and 0 comments and 0 likes and drops my listing from page 1 to like 100 on youtube. I am going to outline what I'm doing that is working and not working and what I need someone to do. Some of it requires creating custom bots, some of it might not. Any ideas/services that I might not be aware of are also welcome. Yes, there is pay involved but we can discuss that over the phone/email. Thank you for your help and time. message me with offers/ideas.

    1- I need a custom bot to get my artists plays up on CBC Radio 2 website.
    2- ***MOST IMPORTANT***A way to get my facebook likes up (Real likes and fans from North America and Europe, no fake accounts)
    3- Increase youtube views drastically (Blog placements, back linking maybe?)
    4- Get reviews and ratings on ITUNES, (Real accounts that are credit card verified and wont be deleted within 2-3 months)
    5- Get more real Twitter followers (Other people posting my links, backlinking, tweeting about the bands)


    Instagram - Still Rocking Instadominate and getting around 50-70 new fans a day. Some of these fans are going to the FB Page which has a Fangate for locked music content. It is transferring about 10-15 likes a week. (Real fans)

    Youtube - Running in-search ads through google adwords - around 200 views per day per video (people choose to click this, it's not spam or a forced view)

    Twitter - Using Twitter adder - following - unfollowing targeted users, getting around 40-50 followers a day.

    Facebook - Other than the Fangate, not much. I am stumped as to how to put the likes up.