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    Nov 10, 2016
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    Hi Community!

    I am reading BHW since a few days to get marketing inspiration and its really interesting. A lot to learn and a very great community i can say from what i've seen so far!

    I wanted to ask you for help somehow.
    We founded our label 1,5 years ago and produced an album in that time with 15 different artists..we've spent a lot of money from our own. It was kind a project we always wanted to make :) We put a LOT of hard work into this....

    Its very special because we produced a big booklet with a lot of artworks and photos everything produced by ourselves. So we are selling a Hardcopy too. Vinyl coming soon when we gathered some money...

    The Albums grenre is oldschool Hip Hop. Its hard get ppl to buy because there is no hype. and we have rarely 500 likes on fb. so our channel is so small and its so difficult to get attention...
    the product quality is very good overall i can promise. We have musicvideos too...

    We were searching off our asses for music bloggs and emails etc. Did a little FB promotion (i'm not sure about that..). The earnings until now are...a little bit but we didnt expect much since nobody knows us :)

    I just wanted to ask you guys if you can maybe give me some advise or ideas in wich direction i could go to promote ans push our stuff?

    cheers & and enjoy your weekend