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    What would be the best way to increase the amount of views an article recieved?

    Does junk traffic work?
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    You can try with scrapebox, too.
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    Junk traffic can work with some article sites, but won't work at some of them too. It depends on the site where your article is published.

    Personally, I typically build links for my articles by using other article sites, social bookmarking, and Web 2.0 sites. This way I build both traffic and SERPs rankings for my main article, which boosts it's value as a lead generator or backlink for my money site.

    Example: I have money site "A" that's mine, so I publish an article at ContentCaboodle (or eZA) that links back to my site "A". Then I publish an article at GoArticles with 2 links in the resource box, one to my site "A" and the other to my article at ContentCaboodle (or eZA).

    Then I social bookmark my site and both articles. I also grab the author's RSS feeds from both article sites and ping them as well as submit to RSS directories. Then grab the user's RSS feeds from the social bookmarking sites and ping and submit them too.

    Next I'll throw up a page or post on a couple of Web 2.0 sites, linking back to just my articles (which now act as a buffer between everything from this point outward and my main site "A" just in-case). Then social bookmark the Web 2.0 stuff, get user RSS feeds from social bookmarking sites and ping and submit again...and so on.

    You can add in more articles and article sites too, the whole thing is scalable depending on how much you're willing to put into it to gain the highest ranking and traffic you can.

    To me, this works really well because it's fairly easy to rank for low, medium, and even some high competition keywords on some article sites, so I'll do everything I can to boost the ranking and traffic for my articles since it ultimately (traffic and ranking juice) funnels from them to my main site "A".

    Hope that makes sense and helps.
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