Increase your Productivity with SMART Targets!

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    SMART Targeting is a systematic and logical way of planning out all of your targets, Whenever I finally decide what I actually want to do during a project I make SMART Targets, I find it is the most effective way of managing my time.

    Your targets must be Specific, this quite simply means, you write exactly what it is you want to achieve. Targets must be Measurable, make it a numerical. For example; I want to increase website traffic by 25%
    It must be Achievable, don?t make it ridiculous like overtaking Microsoft for computer sales.
    They need to be Rewarding, what will you get if you complete this target?
    Lastly your target must be Timed or time-based, This combined with being measurable will allow you to know how close you need to get to your goal.
    Here is my example of a perfect SMART Target; I want to increase the traffic going onto my sales page by 25% I want to complete this by January next year, This will allow me to increase the probability of getting a higher revenue.

    See more on my article here (Smart Targets really help!): SMART Targets

    Hope it helps everyone!