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    As you know adfoc is one of the best pay per view sites on web, I'm gonna tell you how you can increase adfoc payouts with ease! I have tried out this method and earnings increased at the instant after the clicks! So here is the method:

    Good news is Proxy method still works on Adfoc, but the bad news is there is no working adfoc bot found on web that uses a proxy list.

    1. Adfoc payout is higher for US based proxies. So, browse through US based proxy sites. You can click three times and try clearing cookies everytime.

    **Unfortunately my account has no privilege to attach image proof**

    This one looks old, but believe me, your earnings depends on how many unique proxy websites you used. Also try for Non-US proxy sites(checkout their pay rates)

    2. If you have yahoo answers account, and if you are in level 2, links are enabled in your account. Browse through potential questions.

    Suppose the question is "how to get facebook friends"
    , then make a google search and find appropriate webpage. Then you can post as

    "Google is your friend!, this may work for you : shortened link".

    If you are not in level 2, answer more questions and get in there.

    3. You can convert a url to rss feed. Search in Google for it.

    Once you have rss feed, submit it to rss blog pinging sites as much you can.

    4. Establish an automated retweet system using yahoo pipes. Let the links be your shortened urls.

    Reference found on Google:
    http : // ryanpricemedia [dot] com/2009/02/03/howto-yahoo-pipes-auto-retweet-recipe-for-twitter
    I saw something about this on BHW. But I couldnt see in search results.

    5. Promote your shortened url wherever possible in place of your website.

    ** Suggest if you have any more ideas **
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