Increase mobile revenues on non-mobile-optimized sites

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    Recently we developed a new solution that helps monetizing non-mobile-optimized sites.

    One partner, that I worked with, grew their RPM from $0.6 to more than $3. Now I would like to try with more sites. We want to test if the solution can increase mobile revenues for everyone. The idea is to serve CPA ads that pay very well on iOS and Android. We ensure the ads are optimized to device & screen size even if your site is not mobile-optimized.

    It's better for me to test it privately with someone that I can closely follow up. If you're interested to test it out, please leave me a message. I will be more than happy to give more information about myself and the company. Really appreciate your response!


    I included more technical information. Just in case you want comprehensive detail

    How difficult to run our solution?
    Just add one line of Javascript. Your site will be ready to serve our ads right away.
    You can remove the script any time that you want to detach our solution.

    What kind of ads we serve?
    We serve CPA ads that pay very well on iOS and Android. We selected only apps that have high conversion to be displayed.

    Does this impact your desktop web?
    No impact. The solution leaves your desktop site untouched. This way, you keeps existing revenue and make extra money on top of it.

    Will this impact your existing ads?
    Our solution is independent to your site & your existing ads. Your existing ads should still run normally.

    If your site is already mobile-optimized, will this solution work?
    Yes, it works even if your site already mobile-optimized. You can try our ads and compare its RPM.