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    Oh hai,

    Pretty new to this type of thing. I started my own brakes company when I was in college and did pretty well without any SEO or really any other marketing besides forums and my own business sense.

    I'm now in financial analysis by day but the money made with ecommerce and offline marketing is just too easy to not take advantage of. I'm interested in seeing what there is as far as offline marketing/consulting (seems like the ROI is the highest and not as much time spent).

    I have my sites (no pun intended) targeted at:

    1. Keyword Scout - initial analysis on keywords and potential
    2. Some type of social media software to pump my likes and brand awareness socially
    3. Some type of backlinks generator - any recommendations?
    4. Live off the affiliate revenue generation like a boss

    I plan to build backlinks and citations pretty heavily to get to the top of whatever local niche I'm in....I'm not really in to the whole article writing gig. Is this a necessity?
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