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    Aug 2, 2012
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    I made a 3d android game for children, only thing I have left is to record audio effects and put them in.

    I'm not doing ads, or IAP, simply going to release a light version and a paid version for $1.59

    I made a website with videos/descriptions of gameplay, also made a twitter account, youtube account, pinterest, and linked it to my google+ and flickr accounts.

    I've been going to parenting and educational forums to try to get feedback and link to my site.

    With the light version, it'll be free, anyone have any good resources for places to list it that bring traffic, specifically it's a childrens animal game? For web games there are lots of portals but I haven't seen much for apps.

    What else would you recommend for coming out with a bang once I officially release it? Buy some reviews? Adwords campaign? Any advice? Thanks.