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    Feb 4, 2015
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    Hi guys, Im just wondering if anyone could help me please, For some reason when I sometimes comment on Facebook Pages I can click the time, Get my link and im able to find it in a different browser (without being logged in) Other times im not able to find them at all.

    Ive been using and Likermoo to like my posts for my website however for reason its very hit and miss whether posts get liked or not.

    I know im doing it right as ive had some of posts liked.

    Like I said the problem is the fact of that my post will not show to anyone else when I give them URL. When they visit some url's my post is at the top ready to be liked, Other times its not even on the comment list, so the liker websites are not able to find it either, Does anyone know how to solve this so every one of my posts is discoverable.

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