In Need Of A Autoblog Setup

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    Oct 28, 2007
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    I'm looking for someone to create an autoblog site for a certain niche.

    Time frame: ASAP
    Payment: PayPal upon successful completion
    Server & Domain: I run with hostgator so hosting is good. I have the domain in place and wordpress installed already.
    Niche: Webdesign, seo, search engines, etc.
    Domain: mygstv (dot) com

    As you can see i am looking for a autoblog that will work within this niche. I am looking to be a blog about how to make your site a great site to visit. (hince the name).

    PM Prices & Turn Around Time

    **Please understand that i will only answer by pm. I really won't pay much attention to this post once its alive. If you wish to bid on it then feel free to pm me. Also please only pm me if you have the time to finish this in a timely manner. Also please dont post here that you pmed me i really will just ignore that.