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    I had an article in a major publication that resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in sales. My conversion rate was about .5%, which was expected considering every random person possible was visiting. Mind you, if they were clicking my link,t hey must have been somewhat interested. The article really praised my products. However, my orangic conversion rate is below .2%. Keep in mind my products are $300+, so it's not extreme volume.

    Should I try maybe a longer sales copy for each product? Maybe put some of the author quotes on the main page? Link to the article?
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    These products are owned by you?
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    Try running Optimizely - google it.

    You can A/B test your website and improve conversion significantly. It's not unusual to increase the conversion by 50-100% within 6 months, if you use it intelligently.

    Plus it's free for up to 50,000 visits per month!

    Hope that helps.
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    Good question. This is a tough thing to answer when we don't see the site.

    The A/B testing idea is very good.

    Here are a few things to consider:

    CTA - not obnoxious but must be persuasive, actionable, and tell the user what he needs to do for the next step.
    Content - this depends on your industry. Photo sites need awesome images... content sites need awesome content. Also, is your landing page a sales page or a funneling page?
    What areas do users like most? Maybe change navigation (with a/b test) to make popular areas more prominent
    Where do users drop in the sales funnel? For most ecommerce, this page should be the final payment page... most people drop in the actual payment process. Capture data and send users a "reminder" that they have items in their cart.
    Remove other distractions that might distract from your focus -- like too many ads or shiny bright stuff that pulls users away
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