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    It isn't exactly my method, i owe it all to BHW ... nyways

    So this is what i am doing so far:

    1. Buy a niche domain, setup wordpress.
    So far i have bought 2 domains, both are tech blogs and i have wordpress setup on both of them. The plugins i am using on both of these domains are:-
    -WP privacy policy
    and i choose some simple WP template that look good and legit.

    2. After setting up the wordpress and its plugins, i setup up a youtube account, twitter account and a fb page for both the sites.

    I am simply using youtube by adding mashed up videos of related data and post them as video replies and increase views by viewet.
    I am using tweetattacks+proxy list for my twitter accounts and i keep posting links and comments related to my topics making it look real and legit.
    I am still struggling to get up a fbpage because i can't find easy way to add people on my fb account and page except for paying for it.

    So by now, i have a growing social network for my tech blogs except my fb page.

    For my data i use google alerts read through a related topics and compile them into 1 or just spin 1 article around and add a youtube video.

    So what i would like to know from BHWe'rs is what else can i do more to make my website better and get better material for my websites.

    Target = have a setup before new year and signup for various high paying cpa networks and start earning by the start of the new year.
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    WP Robot and TheBestSpinner work well together and will post auto for you and do a pretty good job of being readable. You can control what is posted and when. There is also allot of other money making addons there with Amazon affiliates etc. Give it a try, will help you automate.

    From experience I can tell you to not post too much too fast with WP Robt because it is tempting.

    Best of Luck!
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