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    So I've been lurking for a very long time coming back and forth and finally decided to give this a go!

    My basis for beginning now is that I have recently fell onto a compensation claim and have some money to back me if needs be. Although the money is there to invest I wish to only spend $100 of my own money to begin with. I also have a child on the way and wish to work hard but still see my children!

    I have a few ideas of Niche sites to get me started. Been planning for 9/10 hours on paper jotting down phrases, keywords, original article snippets and ideas for CPC, PPD. Along with this I've attempted to come up with decent website designs to house my niche sites.

    I don't know whether I should be using a free blogging website to get myself into the swing of SEO and IM or to jump right in keep building the sites, learn the trade and start from
    scratch with my own code.

    My other concern is I'm not too confident with the backlinking and how to achieve it.

    My target is to achieve $150 a day.

    Things to have done by beginning of Wednesday 8th -
    Buy domains
    Begin to build 1st niche site
    Research content lockers/create own.
    More research into keywords and phrases

    Thanks for reading, any comment and suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
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    I see what you did with the title... Clever.

    Good luck with your start!I would say just jump right into it and learn while you do, but some people learn differently.

    All the best,