[?] Importing Heavier/Bulkier Goods from China

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    Hi there, I have a friend that is thinking about importing some heavier/bulkier decorative goods from China. I have bought stuff from China but never anything with a big shipping problem.

    He lives near a port so maybe that helps? I have read that all the suppliers have their own shipping solutions but that they are more overpriced than if you do it yourself, is this true? And a lot of suppliers giving me quotes are talking about a lot of various fees and I don't know, it seems like it's going to cost twice the price of the item just to get it here.

    And what is with the factories sending you the same photos as other ones send when you ask for actual pictures of the merchandise-- is there any real way to protect yourself?

    It will be items roughly the size of a baby's crib, some items about half that size, wooden mostly & some thin metal. As far as quantity, we're looking at maybe a half container, a whole one if it would just be cheaper, but doubtful if the product would fill it entirely. Is there any way to order a smaller amount without paying so much on shipping?

    Any tips for finding suppliers, price quoting and quality checking:umbrella: on alibaba, tradekey, dhgate and others, also appreciated too.