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Important Update for Twitter Users

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by jintd4, Apr 6, 2017.

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    Oct 11, 2012
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    Some of you may have noticed your fan and customer engagement on Twitter has gone down. It’s not just you. A large section of the adult industry is being affected. Recently, Twitter released an update that automatically enabled “safe search” on thousands of devices. Cell phones and tablets were affected by the change, causing Twitter users to no longer see your content.

    So now when clients do a Twitter search for Porn or #Porn they are not being returned results. Some customers have already noticed and are making changes. What you can do to help yourself and the community as a whole is to use your alternative social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat to inform your customers or send them to (article provided) for instructions on how to turn off the “safe search” function.

    Some of your customers and potential followers might actually be missing your updates from their general feed, so sharing and educating your customers and those using Twitter can be very beneficial to your bottom line.

    To disable Safe Search, just login to Twitter with your username and password and follow these directions:

    1. Click on the magnifying glass

    2. Search for your adult term

    3. When your search results page loads click the overflow icon (The three blue dots in a horizontal line)

    4. Select “Search Settings”

    5. Uncheck the box for “Hiding Sensitive Content”

    We are all waiting to see if Twitter begins to push more changes like this. It is one of the few times they have adjusted settings on the user end instead of just disabling the accounts they did not agree with.

    There have been several adult social media site created & failed. It was 90% dick pic avatars & men looking to c2c for free or fuck in real life for free. Aebn had Xpeeps, there was Adultspace.

    I've tweeted & warned about how Twitter would eventually do something like this. They have NO choice. They can't sell it & make billions when there is so much sexually explicit content on it. Their stock price isn't rising like it other social media sites.

    Did everyone not think that Twitter would eventually put their bottom line before yours? Mainstream advertisers don't like having ads on sites that also has a lot of porn on them.

    Then we need to take into consideration that the world is on a more conservative end now. Fashion is way more covered up & conservative. Politics are more conservative ideology. Religion, no matter what religion is on the rise in influencing politics world wide.

    Porn hub had a major case filed upon it for copy right infringement in LA. Shall be interesting to see how it goes down.

    Utah passed a law allowing parents to sue adult content distributors for harming their children since so much sexually explicit content is not behind a pay wall. Other states will pass similars laws over the next 2 years.

    The world is changing & we have to adapt & change with it. Might want to consider covering up & upping the sexy rather than explicit in marketing. Thing is porn sold very well in a conservative market.