Important question from a Noob what can interest others too

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by kolomp, Dec 6, 2015.

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    Hello all!

    Here i get a lot of very good and correct answers when i asked something. The community here is very nice! :)

    So, becouse this is a place to ask, so i do it! :)
    For first, i just only would like to know this stuff, im planning at this moment but i think this questions are will be interesting for others too!

    My Question(s):

    Im wandering around and find a lot of offers like: "I make your adsense / clickback etc. site for 50-100 $ what makes you around 500-5000 $" etc.
    They look nice, but i never seen there is any SEO or something what gives them traffic, where the money come from.
    (And im tried one adsense site offer like that, the site was nice, and then tried an SEO offer too, but totally nothing happened with the site, but this doesent metter at the moment.)

    - What is a correct price for a site what can make 100-200 $ / month (im not in dreamland so this goal is totally fair for start i think, and then i can grow for sure if its working like build more sites like that).
    - And what is a correct price for SEO, 1 time or monthly it doesent metter, becouse if a site makes me 200 (or more) $ / month im totally ok to pay from it around 50-100 etc. Business is business.

    - So i would like to know, how much i have to spend in to take out 100-200 $ / month?

    If you have any correct offer my ears are open for it! :)
    Forwardly thanks for all your answers!

    Have a nice day everyone! :D
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    Hi Kolomp
    How are you? I am a newbie here but NOT over the internetJ
    My best suggestion is to go to any reputable freelance arena (Just search for freelancer) and you will be able to find many people who will do your job at budgets of $100-$200 to a website/template/minisite.
    My recommendation is to ‘mark' those good freelancer you worked with them and you happy with them so you can stick with them in this field (Programmer/designers/webmasters etc...) and next time you don't have to look for the same profession twice.
    Regarding SEO, it is very complex field these days but in General it is a game of good backlinks in combination of good and quality content, if you still want to challenge Google you will need those 2 ingredients like the air you breath :) & it better be a niche.
    Now.. most of the SEO services offer backlinks services, most of them will provide what they offer but you should know that it can easily bring your website down and into Google penalty so if you choose to use one of those SEO services, make sure it's on your 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] or 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] tier websites and never directly to you main promoted site.
    Hope I helped :)
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