Important Facebook Targeting Issue!

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    Hi all,

    I know a person who has built a very powerful following by "Friending" people on facebook with similar interest, location, and demographics to his niche. When I say niche I mean his profession, he is in the medical field.

    So for example:
    Let's say that you have a yoga studio and you want to attract people through facebook who are like minded and into yoga in the close proximity of your business. The only way that I know of doing this, and it's quite painstakingly slow is to go and Search by name and location. So for instance I can search all the people named Bill that live in Las Vegas, Nevada and by clicking on their profile and inspecting them I can see what, if any similar interest they have to my niche.

    Now i'm not saying this doesn't work.. but it's SO TEDIOUS. Does anyone know of a better way or method to get this information?


    P.S. I'm just going to go ahead and say that I have tried the marketing through facebook(That you pay for) that does this process for you and I did not have a successful campaign and it was VERY expensive.
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    Unfortunately the Facebook ads are the best way to get such targeted information without wading through profiles for information.

    His strategy is a good one. The best way to gain a following is to get out there and interact with other people in social media. It may not be so important that only people who would be a part of his target market connect with him on FB. Connecting with anyone can potentially lead to others who are a part of the target market seeing his message. For example say he friends someone who may not be likely to use his services. The average person on Facebook has about 150 connections or friends. If he shares something that that person shares with their network, someone is likely to connect with him if they find his service appealing. That is someone that he never would have found if he was being selective with who he friends.

    I guess in a nutshell what I'm trying to say is that he shouldn't be so selective. He should try and get as many people to connect with him regardless of the information in their profile as they may be connected to someone who would become a customer.

    Check out this post on building a following on Facebook,

    Hope that helps your friend,