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    Hey guys,

    Did you know you can import your blog into your facebook page? No? Then this post if for you! Facebook is one of the biggest social media website and can help you and your blog a lot. Check out how you can import your blog into facebook page...

    Step 1: Click Application Settings in the Account dropdown on the top menu bar. This will drop a list of applications in front of you.

    Step 2: Click on Notes, Dont click on Edit Settings Or Profile. Just on Notes.


    Step 3: You'll see a page where you have options you add notes. Click on Import a blog on the left hand side.

    tep 4: On the next page, Enteryour blogs RSS Feed's URL. Then Accept the facebook's terms and conditions and hit "Start Importing"

    Note: Sometimes it might give you error while importing, but if the link you entered it correct. Just keep trying again you'll get through. [​IMG]

    Thanks for reading! I hope it was helpful.
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