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    Do not use imgmoney, imgclound anymore anyone. In a different forum the owner of imgmoney and imgcloud was going by filegrasper then sold the sites to the owner of bitload. Bitload owes alot of money to members of the sites and even promised to double the payout when he pays. That time came and went on the 9th and still no payout from the new owner. The owner of bitload that now own's all three site's his username on wj was bitload, but he the mod's banned him on the 13th, for not making payments.
    You can read all the details on wj (dont' wanna get in trouble or not sure if I could even post the other website url). Most of you will know what I mean but saying wj if not you can google imgmoney or wj, you get the idea. Payments may still come but everyone on the site has considered even myself bitload a scammer by now, I'm still in the process of moving all my pictures in forums to a different image hosting, I would consider anyone useing them sites to do the same thing.
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    I know this is a very old thread, but do you have any information (real identity) of those two people you mentioned?