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    Hello, fellas.
    Wanted to share something.
    As we all know, internal optimization is very important. One of the SEO basics, is to give the image an "alt" tag, which is considered by G.
    Another thing, that is much less known, is xmp protocol (www.adobe DOT com/products/xmp/)
    It is meta information ,that is embedded in the image, including copyright.
    Doing it on other's images is illegal, and I advise not to.
    But if you have your image in the site, you can take it, open with photoshop, go to "File","File Info" (or ctrl+alt+shit+i) , and then enter your site's url to the copyright url area.
    G. reads this metadata from images on your site. And having your link on it adds to your internal seo. Besides, if anybody else uses this image, it is only for your good.