Image tags and double meta refreshing

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    Apr 28, 2012
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    Hello iv been having some trouble what i am trying to achive is something simliar to me posting a img tag on a forum website once this image has loaded it loads up it downloads the cookie that counts the ip and hit at the ad website

    So basically it goes: [image i posted on any forum/website]-->[.htacess on my site]-->[php redrirect]----->[double meta refresh] ------->[affiliate site]=stuffed cookie

    the code in the .htaccess im using is:
    Redirect /image.jpg \/\/\/\/.mysite/url1

    When i copy and paste the img url i am redirected to ----url1----url2----then the advert website and it credits but this is done through me manually copying and pasting and hitting enter into the url, is their away so that all that needs to be done is the image to load up?

    thank you:)