Image Scraper for Craigslist?


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Apr 22, 2009
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I need to scrape images from Craigslist but WITHOUT being on the specific page with the images. So for example I need to go into the "cars" section and download the images from each of the listings under "cars" in their own folders (so similar images are kept together).

Anyone know of any script/program that will do this? Should i just learn PHP and write my own? Maybe i need a bot program?
bump. I need this too... i need to scrape the images AND the text in the CL posts. Does anybody knows something about that? I would really appreciate the help!
I found it helpful to know that some people looking for some thing that scrap images from craigslist. I too want to know are there any scrapper. Or I should be interested to make one. Some body tell me too.
There isn't something like that, but I think, it should be pretty quite an easy thing to code. I could do it, if I had time. For free.
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