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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by scott8610, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Apr 11, 2010
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    I've been reading up on imacros lately.

    Before I get into learning it I was wondering if it could be programmed to automatically register profiles on forums? Could it also be programmed to leave a link in the forum profile? Or am I just having too much wishful thinking?

    I also read that the scripting edition could be found in the downloads section, but when I did a search for it I couldn't find it. Can anyone point me to that thread if it really is available?

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    Yes, it just takes a little "jiggling". I've recently created about 50 vbulletin sites and another 40 for top PR sites. I break it down into macros with different categories. First macro signs up, second macro logs back in and posts a photo, data and link. Then it's captcha/no captcha for signups. Not a biggie to manually tear through these typing in captchas.

    Trick is to be accessing an excel file for the data, and having it capture and store the profile URL in another Excel file. (so you can submit it to RSS directories)

    I was hoping to find like minded people who would be interested in creating iMacros of profile sign ups, then trading what we create. As long as we stick to the same Excel datasource file template, we should be good to go. By "assigning" different blocks of profiles, we wouldn't be duplicating our efforts.

    Oh yea, don't sweat the "scripting version" of iMacros, you can basically do what you need to do with the regular version. (You just make a single, long macro that has pauses inbetween logins)

    I've also come up with a way to create the iMacro quickly and easily, without having to manually edit the {{!COL}} data.

    Anyone interested in this? I can show you the whole process. If not, fuck it, I'll make 'em myself. (Sound like I've started this thread a couple of times? You betchaya)