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    I learned a lot of things from this forum and I want to give something back.
    This is the script that I am using on iMacros (Firefox/Pale Moon/Chrome extension) to like ~100 posts/day.
    What it does:
    • Search for posts in your niche, based on your tags, and like them
    • Unlock NSFW posts
    • Filter posts, to show only photos
    • Real-time progress
    • Run time ~10 minutes/100 likes (You can lower the delay if you want to make it faster)
    Here is the pastebin link:
    - Copy the entire script
    - Save it as *.JS (JavaScript)
    - Copy the .JS file in your iMacros folder
    - Run it using iMacros

    Here is the script, in case the link above does not work