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    Ok what the script does it scans a folder and uploads all the files in that folder. I have a csv containing a lot of folder directory paths and I want it to loop it. This is how the steps should be done:
    1. Scan folder
    2. Upload all files
    3. Go to next folder
    4. Repeat step 1 & 2

    How can I do this?

    // using as a java string (to use string functions if needed)
    var folderPath = new String("C:\\Users\\Susan\\Desktop\\Anime\\ova\\");
    // open a new java file in the folder path, so we can scan the directory to get the file names
    var file = new;
    //  put the file list into a javascript variable
    var files = file.listFiles();
    // we probabbly need to filter files by extension...
    // loop through the file list
    for(var index=0; index < files.length; index++) {
       // get the name of the file (also add folder path)   
       var filename = folderPath + files[index].getName();   
       //alert("filename=["+filename+"]"); // alert the name   
       // set the filename as a variable the iim script can access
       iimSet("filename", filename );
       // call our upload script