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    Nov 24, 2008
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    I'm trying to make an iMacro to go down a list of all the messages in my Yahoo e-mail inbox and add each individual contact to the address list so I can export the whole list for mailing purposes. I'm fairly new to using iMacros, and when I record my action and play to loop it, the imacro goes to the same e-mail. For example, the action that I want to happen is:

    >>Open first email in email box
    >>Click Add to Contacts
    >>Confirm Add to Contacts
    >>Select next email
    >>repeat(add to contacts, confirm)

    As stated above, the imacro records the URL of the original message and just keeps going back to that same message instead of going to the next one. Any help is appreciated or any resources or threads that anybody can point me to would be great! Hell, if the price is right, I'll even pay someone to help me out.

    Thanks in advance! I think I've learned more on this board about how to make money for real world living in ONE year than I have in the 5 years of my college education :/
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    Aug 27, 2009
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    Have you tried just deleted the GOTO URL from the script? .. then going to the first email manually and starting the loop?
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    Might be easier to save the address, move the email to a different folder, and take the new email from the top. When it's done running, just move all those emails back to the original folder.
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