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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by deathripper, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Sep 13, 2011
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    Hey guys can I ask some piece of your advice or suggestions? I'm looking for the best way to earn money online in the following conditions:
    1. doesn't require too much time and attention-- I have only 3-5 free hours every weekdays and 8 hours per weekends. I'm a student and I just want to balance my time in studying and earning money. :)
    2. less payment required -- Im just a poor boy and I can't afford those payments that are required to start earning. I only have 2$ in my paypal account. :(
    So please if you don't mind, please help me out. I don't care how long or how difficult the things I have to learn to start earning. Once I set my goal I will never give up until I reach it.:)
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    you better delete this thread until people don't flame and and say to search this button,I tell you you won't like what they will write ..
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    deathripper, bro..
    everything need time and effort.. some need time, effort and money..

    I will tell you one little thing..
    you have around 15 hours free time in a week.. so..
    make a website, add 10 page content each week..
    build backlinks in the free time..
    dont forget to add your adsense or cpa code to the pages..

    if you still doing these things, in around 6 months you will get 200-500 dollars per month with adsense.. with cpa, i dont know.. may be more or less..
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    Apr 16, 2011
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    They would be right, though... I'm seeing questions like this all the time in spite of BHW's huge archive containing shitloads of free info.

    OP -
    #2 - Not a problem, you only need a couple of bucks per month for hosting, and $8 or so for the domain. You probably have some skills you can leverage to get that... if you can write decently, selling just one 500 word article every month would pay your monthly hosting bill. And it's not a big sum in most of the world, anyway, so you could just ask your sponsors (parents) for some cash.

    #1 - Read the Making Money section. Don't be lazy.
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    Whats up.. I suggest you start with sharecash ... all you need to know about them is in there website and the owner of that site is a member here.

    Basically you will just upload a file there and make your visitor download it and you will earn $$ .. it doesnt require investment so you can start now.

    Hope it helps.
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    For a good start you need some $$$. But your PayPal accaunt is empty...so just reg in Fiverr.com. Look around a bit, what people do for $5. I am sure you can offer something too. Use your imagination. Even super stupid and useless gigs have daily orders. Fiverr is the place, where everyone can start. Make few orders and you will have enough money for domain+hosting. Good luck. Btw do not look for too EASY way. Every method required work. Good luck!
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    One thing you can start with is to make a fiverr er account and then release a $4 gig with anything that you know best.For this you need not to have any balance in your account.It can be anything just see that whatever you are offering is highly demanding and moreover try to give more with less pay.To fight the right gig you need to spend couple of hours infront of the pc as you have to do some research and find out the apt gig that will help you out in making money.If your gig is getting attention then you will make big.

    Keep some and invest half of the money in buying an Micro niche site (MNS).Anything on Car related,mobile,weighloss etc etc as these are demanding and will involve more people viewing your site.These MNS usually requires less SEO and with less link building you would be able to rank it high on Google if you can make a combination of less targeted as well as highly targeted keywords.Try ranking your MNS for all search terms that you are targeting for.Apply for an adsense and monetize your site with adsence.

    You can also take the help of Blogger.Create a sub-domain on any demanding niche and do a bit of SEO.Again put adsense.I am emphasizing on adsence as it is quite easy to make money with adsence if you do calculative SEO.

    These are few tips with which you can start with.......
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  8. Condorr

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    Start a blog on something you're passionate about. Doesn't matter what it is as long as you stick with it and write at least 1 post per week. Eventually google will recognize that you're frequently updating your blog and give you authority on those long tail searches. You'd be amaze at how many niches there are.

    Look through flippa.com to get an idea at what niches people are in. Picking something that you love writing about will make writing much easier. This won't be easy and will take about 6-12 months before you start seeing results but by then you'll have a site generating real profit.
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    Personally you better conc on studies.

    Good Studies= Good Job+Hot Wife

    Bad Studies= IM+ Bitchy GF


    Good IM = Good money+ Hot wife+ Horny GF

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    Aug 27, 2011
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    I suppose if you're seriously new and stressed for time/cash, you could write a bunch of articles on Squidoo. It's free, you get an Adsense share thing (I think), and it'll give you good practice re:SEO/writing/etc.