Im stuck, can someone help me?

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    Jun 19, 2013
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    As my strategy, I decided to use software for a high competition keyword that I promised my client I'd have the job done in a few months.
    (first project outside local seo)

    I have already have him at the top for a few keywords (done by hand) and I am now beginning a campaign to reach the top for more competitive keywords.

    I have a few forum and blog posting softwares, but since they are barely white hat I'm only going to rely on them to get a minority of my links, the most powerful and relevant links, but just a minority. I am having difficulty figuring out how to use them and I am under alot of stress because I don't know what to do.

    I stumbled across GSA Ser and it looks like the perfect solution for link-building. It has 100 platforms, and its all I need for good diversity.

    The problem is I've been talking to customer support about getting it working for 2 weeks, and they have tried to help me, but its not working.

    I've tried modifying all the settings, I dont use proxies, but it should still work. I only get 1 verified link an hour, for every platform. For some reason it always says:
    already parsed
    no engine matches
    download failed

    Can somebody send me a sample project backup so I can their settings to work things out and see if it does any better?

    This is killing me Im spending 10 hours a day trying to figure this out and I've had NO time to plan a real strategy because this software is really wasting my time.... I have other projects I have to be working on.

    Somebody please help me out with gsa.

    Worst comes to worst I'll do everything manual except blogs and forums and directories.